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Dynamic Reformer Pilates is an innovative, results driven class that will tone, sculpt and strengthen your body in ways you never thought possible. Are you ready?

“I have spent years in the gym, but to no avail, yet Power Pilates has changed my shape in 2 months. It does what is says on the tin, “longer, leaner and stronger”
– Chrissie Owen

“I’ve been coming to these classes for over 2 years. I LOVE them. Excellent patient tutors, great studio & equipment and time flies by in the classes. I’m over 40, curvy and hypermobile – but these classes are for everyone and If I can do it YOU can! Every class is different and fun. The health benefits are noticeable and I really FEEL stronger and fitter and trimmer. Most fun I’ve ever had exercising!”
– Siobhan


The 55 minute class combines classical reformer Pilates exercises with traditional exercises such as squats, lunges and push ups. These are performed on the reformer, (a bed like machine built with pulleys and springs), which adds resistance to each exercise and increases the overall intensity.


Although not for the faint hearted, our classes are designed to suit all levels, meaning that you can work at your own pace in a safe, professional and energised environment. We also offer beginner classes, which are perfect for those who have never done Dynamic Style Reformer Pilates and those wanting to work at a slower pace.

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