The Classes


This class is perfect if you are new to reformer Pilates as it will introduce you to the reformer machine and cover the basic moves. We recommend that you come to at least four to six beginner classes if you have never done any Pilates before. Although, as everyone varies in levels and ability, please talk to your trainer about what level class you should be doing if you are unsure.

Standard Pilates

An intermediate to advanced, energised and flowing class that will challenge your whole body. Maintaining the basic principles of Pilates, this class combines classic reformer Pilates moves and traditional style exercises such as squats, lunges and press ups, all performed on the reformer machine. Different options will be given to cater for both intermediate and advanced clients. This class is will strengthen, tone and tighten the entire body. Be prepared to see dramatic changes! Not recommended for rehab or pregnancy.


Challenge your cardio strength as well as your core, legs and upper body with our fun, energised Jumpboard class. Using the jumpboard which attached to the front of the reformer, this low impact, high intensity class is an excellent addition to your weekly workout, giving you the variety you need in your training. You will perform a combination of your usual reformer exercises, combined with ‘jump’ sections to mix things up and give you an all rounded class that you are sure to enjoy. Not suitable for complete beginners or pre and postnatal.

Restorative Pilates

Restorative Pilates is a class specifically designed to improve balance and flexibility. With a gentler and more contemporary Pilates approach, this class will take you through flows that will strengthen your muscles, help you find more range of motion, and increase flexibility. This class is suitable for all levels.

All Levels

This class is suitable for all levels who have completed at least two beginner classes with us.

Private Classes

Whether you are a complete beginner wanting to learn the basics with more individual attention or whether you’re more advanced, wanting to get more out of your work out and correct imperfections. Private classes are a fantastic to get exactly what you want from your Pilates session. Private classes are also perfect for rehabilitation and pregnancy.

Semi Private Classes

Same as above, but you may wish to share your session with a friend or two at a time that suits you all