“I started Power Pilates UK with low expectations. I’d heard good things about Reformer Pilates, but I had no idea how much it could actually do for me. Within around two months, a recurring injury I’d been suffering with for about 2 years had completely disappeared, and I felt stronger than ever. Fast-forward a year and my weekly class at PPUK is still the workout I look forward to the most. The trainers are unmatched, from the precision in their form cues to the way they treat each and every member of class as if you’re the only one there, whether you’re a beginner or a regular, and their energy – if you’re lacking motivation, trust me when I say the second you step in that studio you’ll be raring to go. I’ve since started heavier weightlifting and I’m certain I wouldn’t have the strength for this had I not started Pilates. Power Pilates UK is also the perfect medium between an intense and ‘easy’ workout; it’s by no means ‘easy’, but nor does it make me feel wired and exhausted like the HIIT I used to do did. I recommend Power Pilates UK to everyone – my mum, her friends, my friends, my younger sister and her friends – everyone.”

Bridie Wilkins - Fitness Magazine Editor

“I began Power Pilates a couple of months ago to complement my fairly extensive training programme as a keen cyclist. Whilst I am cardiovascular fit, over the last couple of years I’ve not given my core strength enough focus and wanted to rectify this, as well as improve my overall strength and balance. I’ve been regularly squeezing in two classes a week and already I am feeling the benefits. Cycling can be very time intensive, and especially tough during the winter months, so the focused but super friendly classes have been really refreshing and have reinvigorated my training. I’m definitely converted.”

Natalie Anderson

“PowerPilates has really helped to take my triathlon training to another level. Amazing for core strength and injury prevention. I felt an improvement in my strength and flexibility from almost week one. The difference in my body after six months really inspired me to keep going to achieve my goals.”

Simon Rodd

“I have been doing Power Pilates for a long time now and I absolutely love it. I do find the exercises challenging, and the results are a stronger more toned body. I also feel I have more energy. All the trainers are fantastic, each having their unique style of teaching which brings variety and pushes you to do your best. Each class is totally different which I love. The small classes are great as this means the trainers can correct your positions to improve your workout. Power Pilates is highly addictive and I would feel out of sorts if I did not have it as part of my daily routine. I would highly recommend it.”

Jacqueline Benjamin

“After suffering from a slipped disc I found that my exercise regime had become non-existent and I had started putting on the pounds. After several years of being limited to mat Pilates, my chiropractic told me about Power Pilates UK. That was a year ago, after training three times a week, I feel that my muscle tone has returned and I have made considerable inroads into the weight that I had put on from years of being unable to exercise.  Power Pilates is now my go-to form of exercise, every trainer is slightly different but all of them have the ability to push me to perform at my best. Every session is slightly different so there is never a chance that you will get bored or your muscles get used to the exercises. I have also tried all the different formats from the standard Pilates sessions, great for producing those long lean muscles, through cardio bounce “I don’t think I have ever had as much fun while lying down, raising a sweat ….. and exercising!” I’ve even survived the Pilates HIT sessions, which are serious training sessions.

The small group size makes all the sessions seem like personalised training sessions and for me they make both a perfect anecdote to a long working day and the perfect start to my weekend. Power Pilates UK is possibly the best kept secret in Beckenham.“

Dom Boydell

“I have been attending classes at Power Pilates for the last 9 months and I am really delighted with the results – its been brilliant for toning up, getting fit and getting leaner. I have changed shape quite literally and the results were fast. I have worked with all the trainers, they are all fantastic and the small classes mean they can give you one-to-one instruction. I try to get to class a couple of times a week as I really love it – I can’t recommend Power Pilates highly enough, give it a go!“

LRM (March 2016)

“I have been a regular 3/4 times a week since shortly after Korin started up PowerPilatesUK. Prior to firstly starting a Mat Pilates beginner course, I did no excercise and although I wasn’t overweight I wanted to tone my body. The receptionist at Breeze Yoga recommended I try Korin’s class. Once I started and began to see the results on my body within a short space of time, I became hooked! My confidence has soared because my husband and friends began to notice my body change and I am now always getting compliments at how good my body looks for my age (40) in particular my legs, butt, arms and shoulders. All the instructors at Power Pilates are fantastic at keeping you motivated with their different and ever changing routines and I find that the small classes of only 6 help the instructors to focus better on individual needs. There are a lot of regulars and we always have a laugh and chat at the beginning of classes. Now Power Pilates is second nature to me and an important part of my daily life that I wished I’d found earlier!  Thank you Korin!“

Tina Stanton

“I have been doing PP for around a year now, and try and workout 3 times a week. My body has completely transformed, my core is the strongest it has ever been and I now have the definition in my arms that I have always been training for. Training 3 times a week allows me to train with all the teachers and all have their own special way of teaching which mean you can have a totally different workout every time. Having small classes is fantastic as the teachers are able to correct your positions and enhance your workout. I would highly recommend PP for anyone that wants to change their body shape.”

Sonia MacDonald

“I’ve been attending PPUK for a couple of months now and I’ve got to say I’m hooked! The classes are fun (yes through the sweating and grunting we laugh), intense (in a good way) and unique. No two classes are the same, Korin has a wonderful ability to ensure that she wakes up and really works our muscles in new and interesting ways whilst strengthen our core. Personally? I’m getting stronger, I walk differently, more consciously and I’ve started to see my overall body shape change. Korin’s a great teacher who watches your progress closely and remembers your strength levels so she’s able to fully support your development.


Book now, you’ll thank yourself for it!“

Tunde Olorunfemi

“Reformer Pilates has been such a great addition to my yoga practice. I feel stronger, more connected to my core, and have more energy throughout the day.  Korin makes the classes so much fun, and each class is different from the last. It is highly addictive, you’ve gotta try it!“

Erin Fitzsimons

“I take my health and fitness seriously and PowerPilates is an integral part of my training routine.  This is not your normal pilates class (thankfully!). These classes get results and will make you stronger and leaner. Combine it with good quality nutrition (which Korin is a big proponent of) and you will definitely see results. PowerPilates rivals any class I was doing when I was living In New York. You have to give it a go if you want to see a change in your body!“

Sarah Walton

“I started taking classes in October last year and noticed results really quickly – I look better, feel fitter and healthier, and have lost an amazing 1 ½ stone in the process. I used to suffer from headaches and back- aches, which have all but gone, too. The small classes are great and give the trainers the time to help and correct where and when needed. The trainers are all great in their own way, too – all working us very hard but with a brilliant sense of humour. I would recommend PowerPilates to everyone – or maybe not so the classes don’t get booked up too quickly ;-)! “

Julia Wedegaertner

“I cannot recommend power pilates enough, the instructors are creative, attentive and work you hard- every part of you. The studio is small which means you get more individual attention and everything is sparkly clean! I am strongest I’ve ever been in my life (and that’s after two kids) and i can genuinely say I look forward to going”
Nilam Powar

“When I received the Breeze newsletter informing me of the new Reformer Pilates classes, it couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I had no idea how much I would enjoy the challenge of this class. I had some time off work and managed to squeeze in seven sessions in the past two weeks and I feel like a completely different person; stronger not just physically but mentally too. The classes are small so you receive a great amount of individual attention. I enjoy every one of the 55 minutes; there is no boredom factor like you can sometimes get at the gym because no two classes have been the same, be it Back to Basics or Dynamic, both classes cater for different levels of ability. With each session I find myself going longer and longer without having to stop for a breather and I’ve noticed a change in my shape and ability to do the slightly more advanced moves. Mentally I’m able to push myself further and I’m a noticeably happier person from getting the exercise I so desperately needed. I still have a long way to go, my form is far from perfect but Korin is fantastic not only at putting you at ease but by encouraging you and helping you make the necessary adjustments to ensure you are working as dynamically as possible. I’m dreading going back to work as it will mean only being able to make classes at the weekends and Tuesday evenings, but I’ll be telling everyone I know to try out Korin’s class – it’ll change their lives.”

Trina Smith

‘I have been a gym person all my life until I hit my early 50s and started suffering with intense lower back pain. I became very disheartened with not being able to work out and missed the energy it gave me. So, when my daughter introduced me to Power Pilates, I was very intrigued to try it out. Since then I have not looked back, it’s been just over 3 years and I continue to practice 3 times per week. I enjoy the small intimate classes that seem like one-to-one sessions. The teachers are highly qualified, extremely professional yet very approachable and friendly. They always take the time to correct your posture and ensure you are performing each move correctly. This in turn provides excellent results.

Discovering Power Pilates has been lifechanging. It has allowed me to strengthen my core and I now no longer suffer with back pain – great result!’

Louise Lucocq

“‘I have been going to the classes for just over 2 years and just wish I had discovered them before! I like running also and find these classes to be a perfect balance. As there are only a maximum of 6 of us at any time, you feel almost like you have your own personal trainer. You feel confident that the teachers will correct you if you are not doing the movements quite right and these classes have definitely made a difference to my overall core strength and you can see the results in muscle definition as well. Everyone is really friendly, I love it and can’t recommend it enough.’“

Carol Waghorn

“I started Power Pilates after trying so many different forms of exercises, which I could never commit myself to. Weeks after starting I noticed my body changing and felt so much stronger and well toned! Power Pilates works on all parts of the body. I feel the classes are well structured with amazing trainers. Exercises that I thought were impossible are not with a bit of commitment and consistency. Challenging enough but not impossible!’”

Arti Newman

“I was introduced to Power Pilates about a year ago and I fell in love with it immediately. It’s challenging without being punishing and most importantly it’s fun! I had been going to Power Pilates on and off for about a year but for the last two months I have been going about 3-4 times a week. The difference is truly unbelievable. My whole body shape has changed, my waist is smaller, my legs and bum are more toned than ever, my tummy is flatter and my shoulders and arms more defined.


Classes are fun and all the instructors, without exception, are top quality.

Most importantly for me, I have suffered with chronic shoulder and back pain for around 12 years – during the last two months, the pain has completely disappeared. I am stronger, leaner and happier and I can honestly say that Power Pilates has improved my quality of life.  Now how many boring gyms can you say that about?!”

Electra Japonas

“After undergoing a complete BUPA health assessment in January 2014, results showed my core was very weak. Obviously wanting to learn about the most effective ways to improve my core, I asked for suggestions and in my case Reformer Pilates was recommended over mat Pilates. Coincidently around the same time my neighbour told me about Power Pilates UK in Beckenham who’s also a member. I initially booked 2 classes for £20 and enjoyed it so much that I purchased the monthly pass after the first class followed by an annual pass. The Reformer Pilates class and cardio bounce classes are enjoyable and challenging workouts that have dramatically improved my core with regular attendance and in conjunction with a healthier diet. To share my addiction and enjoyment of the classes, in the last year I have purchased gift passes for relatives and I am regularly sharing my enjoyment of Reformer Pilates with family, friends, colleagues and neighbours. Korin and all her instructors are extremely friendly and the classes of 6 (maximum) are attended by both men and women. Like any exercise regime I felt the benefits while being consistent. I will definitely be renewing my annual membership soon“

Linda Gayle

“I’ve been going to Power Pilates for about a year and can honestly say that the results I’ve had are better than any other exercise classes I’ve been to. As well as toning up every part of my body I feel so much stronger and have alot more energy. The instructors are all great and no two classes are ever the same so you never get bored, I never watch the clock which is rare! The classes are small so the instructor always has the time to check you’re doing everything right.”

Jess Davies

“I have spent years in the gym, but to no avail, yet Power Pilates has changed my shape in 2 months. It does what is says on the tin, “longer, leaner and stronger”. Small, very friendly classes of 6, it is like having your own personal trainer each class. You work hard and you get the results very quickly. I can never image not doing Power Pilates.”

Chrissie Owen

“I’ve been coming to Power Pilates classes at Breeze, Beckenham, for three months. I have a slipped disc in my spine, so I wanted to strengthen my back. I’ve noticed that my core has become stronger, I’ve become more toned and I’ve also lost half a stone, which is a bonus! The classes are fun, challenging and varied – I would definitely recommend giving Power Pilates a try.”

Carolyn Fry (author and editor)

“I’ve now been to all of three types of classes taken by each instructor and I can honestly say that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every class and I now can’t get through the week without Power Pilates! After 14 classes, I have a stronger core (still much more to do!), increased energy levels and greater mobility in my shoulder and arm (I had a serious operation a year ago). I feel like Power Pilates is helping me re-build my body and my self-confidence. Every class is different and I feel stretched (in every sense of the word!) to my limit; but not too far. The instructors always correct me if I don’t have the right technique and the class size is small making each class personal and geared to the individual ability of each person in the class. I thoroughly recommend that you sign up to Power Pilates. Don’t think about it; just do it! You won’t look back.”

Sarah Hamilton

“I started Reformer Pilates with Korin in October & have consistently gone 4-6 times/week utilising the unlimited monthly pass. Since starting I have had amazing results!! I have not been able to do proper workouts in over 2 years due to an inflammatory arthritis condition that I manage. Due to this condition I have lost a lot of range of motion in my joints. Reformer Pilates has allowed me to not only gain strength in the muscles surrounding my affected joints, but more importantly I have gained most of the range of motion back in my joints and I am able to go up & down stairs with considerably less pain & much more ease. I have gained flexibility, better balance, increase strength & tone & am happier & more positive. Now I’m not getting out of bed in the morning in agonising stiffness & pain. I have honestly tried everything & spent thousands to try to sort out my joints (conventional medicine, holistic therapies, diets, etc.) Reformer Pilates with Korin is literally changing my life – I don’t know why anyone would hesitate to join.”

Elizabeth Williams

“I started Power Pilates around 6 months ago and was daunted at first by the equipment and gadgets (!), but have come to love the classes. The teachers are very friendly, supportive and attentive to every person and their abilities and the small class sizes make each session feel like a personal training session. I have done various forms of exercise and dance over the years and in the course also developed and reinforced some bad habits and neglected weaker muscles. Power Pilates has been incredible at rapidly strengthening my core, toning everything, literally, and at helping me to notice and correct those previous bad habits. Now in my mid-fifties I feel stronger than I did in my twenties, longstanding knee pains have almost vanished and I’ve discovered muscles I did not know existed. I wish had discovered Power Pilates years earlier!

Jenny Sutton

“I’ve been coming to these classes for over 2 years. I LOVE them. Excellent patient tutors, great studio & equipment and time flies by in the classes. I’m over 40, curvy and hypermobile – but these classes are for everyone and If I can do it YOU can! Every class is different and fun. The health benefits are noticeable and I really FEEL stronger and fitter and trimmer. Most fun I’ve ever had exercising!”

“Of all the fitness classes I have done over the years, Korin and her team’s classes have been the most addictive and rewarding. In the 6 months I’ve been going to Power Pilates I have lost 3 inches around my belly and gone down a jeans size. But more importantly my back feels stronger, my hips have stopped clicking and the surgery I thought I needed on my ankle have been put on hold.”

Britta Reynolds

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