Whether you can get to our classes or not, you can be part of our Beach Body Challenge!

Whilst we’re all eagerly awaiting more of the glorious sunshine, the thought of baring more flesh, may be filling some of us with dread! And not surprisingly, we’ve been wrapped up all winter, able to hide a multitude of sins. Well, if you’re feeling a little unmotivated about donning your beach wear this summer, or if you have a special event to attend that you absolutely must look fabulous for, then our Beach Body Challenge could be the answer to all your body dilemmas.
With our intensive monthly programme you will:
–          Get fitter
–          Build strength
–          Lose inches
–          Lose weight
–          Tone up
–          Feel good about yourself
–          Gain more energy
–          And get the summer glow!

What’s the plan?
Five classes a week plus a healthy eating guide which will teach you about the right foods to eat and how to cook them. Our plan includes three healthy, tasty, satisfying meals a day, with a seven day recipe guide to give you inspiration for the whole month. No shakes, no ready meals and certainly no starvation involved!
Like any intensive weigh loss/fitness month, we can’t promise that it will be easy (although we hope that you’ll enjoy it!) but we can promise that you will see results and learn new healthy habits to keep for life.

You can choose to start our Beach Body Challenge at any point from the 1st of May until the end of June. Your month will start from the date of your first class.

What support will I receive?
We understand that there will be times when you need support and encouragement and that you may have questions to ask. Which is why have set up our Beach Body Challenge Facebook group, where you will be able to ask questions, support each other, share ideas, recipes and get lots of daily motivation to keep you going! Head over to our Facebook page, giveus a like and also request to join our group! 


The whole shebang

20 classes plus your Food Guide (Advice, guidance, the dos and don’ts, as well as 21 tasty recipes for you to follow and be inspired by) will cost you £240 (pick up your Food Plan in studio) 

Just the classes (purchased separately)
20 classes £200

Just the Food Guide (purchased separately)
If you can’t get to our classes then, you can still join in with our food plan! Simply drop us an email at korin@powerpilatesuk.com letting us know your name and address and complete the direct debit form Payment details – GoCardless) (which once completed we will then pop your Food Guide in the post.

If you come to our classes, you can also complete the direct debit form https://dashboard.gocardless.com/api/template_plans/0WEZW55RE8/paylink for the food guide and pick it up in studio (you can also pay us in studio if you prefer) If you would like us to pop it in the post, simply drop us an email to let us know at korin@powerpilatesuk.com

What The Food Guide will entail: Advice, guidance, the dos and don’ts, as well as 21 tasty recipes for you to follow and be inspired by. Cost : £50

What if I already have classes on my account?

For those of you already on monthly passes or memberships, fear not, you can still join in!  Simply request top up classes at just £10 each and our Food Guide for the cost of £40.

All packages are available to buy via your account. However if you would like top up classes please email korin@powerpilatesuk.com

Whilst just doing the classes alone will absolutely make huge changes to your body, fitness and strength, we cannot stress enough how important combining the healthy eating programme is too if you are actually looking to lose weight and want to see the best results possible.