COVID-19 : Important Info


Wash your hands as much as possible. Please make sure you wash your hands both before and after class. We also have sanitiser on the door and in each box at the end of your reformer.

In the studio:

Reformers will be spaced by staggering them slightly further apart so that there will be over a 1m distance between shoulder to shoulder. We will have an air purifier and fans in the studio to aid ventilation.

If you arrive early for your class, please wait outside Breeze and only enter allowing enough time to use the bathroom and put your belongings in a locker (padlocks are not provided), as we would like to avoid a queue outside the door.

To avoid cross contamination, we will be asking you to clean down your own reformer beds. Please allow a few minutes for a thorough deep clean. Once you have cleaned down, please leave the studio as quickly as possible to minimise crossover.

No personal belongings are allowed in the studio except a water bottle and a small towel if needed. Please bring your own padlock for the lockers. There will be a 15-minute gap between classes to allow extra time for cleaning and less crossover between clients. Further information on how we are keeping you safe and our new cleaning protocol can be found below.

Socks must be worn in the studio at all times. We recommend GRIP socks, which are available to buy in the studio for £15. Please do not bring cash, we can take payment via your account.

Class Changes

There will be no hands-on correction (all verbal cues) and exercises that risk getting too close to other clients will not be performed.

We will not be using small props such as balls and bands that are harder to clean, only weights, rings, and boxes, all of which will be cleaned thoroughly between classes.

Although masks are not compulsory, you are free to wear one if you like. The trainers will be wearing visors.

If you are feeling unwell or have any symptoms of COVID-19, we kindly ask that you do not come to class.

Cleaning Protocol

Hand Washing

Please wash your hands both upon first entering the studio, as well as after cleaning your equipment at the end of the session. Please follow the UKGOV/NHS hand-washing guidelines. We also have hand sanitiser available on the studio entrance door, and in the basket at the end of each reformer. This, along with avoiding touching your face with your hands, is THE most important thing you can do to minimise the spread of germs.


We are increasing the amount of time between sessions in order to allow you to wash your hands, clean equipment, and enter/leave the studio without a mass congregation at the entrance. Please carefully check the schedule to ensure you arrive with plenty of time to wash your hands and prepare your space, as the classes you took before the new requirements may have changed start times.


Please try to maintain distance between yourself and anyone else in the studio, including the instructor. We will be avoiding hands-on cuing at this time, and simply waving hello and goodbye.

Cleaning Equipment

You will get a NEW, fresh microfiber towel to clean your equipment with. Should you want to clean your equipment before your session, please arrive early enough to do so. We are using the following steps to ensure proper cleaning technique:
1) Spray the soap and water solution directly onto your fresh towel.
2) Gently scrub the surface you are cleaning to use friction to loosen germs from surfaces so they can be removed easily.
3) Be sure to clean ALL the hard surfaces you touched during the session.
4) Wash your hands when you are finished cleaning.

Personal Protection

Although masks are not compulsory, please feel free to wear one if you would like. Instructors will be wearing visors during the sessions.

Pre-session Screening

We will be asking all clients to complete a prescreening form and return back to us. This should pop up when you log in via the website.


If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are looking forward to connecting in-person again, but understand that these times are uncertain and everyone’s situation is different.

General Cleanliness

We will be cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces in the studio and within Breeze throughout the day, such as door knobs, handles, and counters.

The health of our clients is of the utmost importance to us, so if you feel sick or believe that you may have been exposed to COVID, we kindly request that you do cancel your session and recommend you follow UKGOV guidelines on self-isolation before returning to the studio.

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