Client Spotlight ⭐Bridie⭐

We recently caught up with one of our amazing clients Bridie to get to know a little more about her, and find out a little more how Pilates benefits her!

You can see her taking class on our Instagram Here

Tell me a brief statement about yourself?

I’m a fitness editor with 9 years of experience writing about health and fitness for the UK’s leading magazines. I’ve always been into fitness and am a qualified yoga teacher, and my current routine includes Power Pilates, yoga, weightlifting and the occasional run.

When did you start Dynamic Reformer Pilates? When did you start attending classes at PPUK? How did you hear of us?

I started at PPUK in 2020 and have been attending almost every week since! I first noticed the studio when I walked past as I live nearby, then had a look on Instagram and thought it looked great.

Why did you choose Dynamic Reformer Pilates, and what motivated you to step into the PPUK studio?

I’d heard good things about reformer Pilates but never tried it. Before starting, my main mode of training was yoga and running, but I knew I needed to incorporate something strength based to prevent injury, but I wanted to avoid anything too high impact or intense, and reformer Pilates looked perfect. Since starting at PPUK, I’ve also tried other reformer studios in London, but nothing is as fun or challenging as PPUK. I’ve done classes with lots of the trainers at the studio and they’re all great! I love that they all have their own style which means every class is completely different and you move your body in an entirely different way.

What are your 3 main goals for your fitness routine?

1: to get stronger.
2: to prevent injury
3: to stay fit and feel confident on my wedding day (I got engaged in November 2022 and will be getting married in summer 2024!)

How has Pilates had a positive impact on your life?

This may sound far-fetched, but power Pilates has genuinely changed my life. The biggest thing for me has been the way it has reduced my susceptibility to injury – before starting, I’d get injured almost every couple of months, but – touch wood – I haven’t had a single injury since. I also love the atmosphere and friendly vibe at the studio – whenever I’m feeling stressed or down, I know that I’ll always feel 100 times better after a class.

What would be your one or two pieces of advice to someone who is curious, but has never attended a Dynamic Reformer class?

Don’t be scared! I think the idea of using a reformer alone is daunting for a beginner, let alone doing so in a dynamic way. The teachers at power Pilates literally hold your hand the whole way through and pay attention to every detail. Also, you’re never the only beginner, especially if you attend the beginner classes, and even the more advanced students like myself struggle.

What are your top 3 picks for Pilates/ Fitness brands, and do you have any specific items that are a must have for your Pilates session?

I recently invested in a Pilates ring and small Pilates ball for my home practices. They can make classes so much more challenging but also more fun as you can try exercises that you probably haven’t done before. A good pair of grip socks are also key – I get mine from Amazon, a pack of 3 for around £10!

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