Losing Motivation to get to that Pilates Class? Especially in the Winter Months?

Here are some Tips

Everyone has a point in their routine where they lose that motivation to work out. Now that your life is in full swing, from your school runs to office life back to home life, the mornings are getting darker and colder. We all know it’s tough enough to get started, throw packed lunches, office calls, school pickups, kid or family activities, and train strikes into the mix; it’s near impossible. While the changing weather and monotonous day-to-day may have drained some of your desire to work out, it’s also the reason you should keep at it. We have motivational tips and other ways to get you up, and into that Dynamic Pilates class!

Find Something that wakes you up!

Wake up something nice and warm. Our favorite wake up is a Matcha Latte. Which is full of energizing antioxidants, but will still give you that kick to wake up and go! We love to mix ours with Oat or Coconut milk. Try this starter kit to get you going.

Is it the lack of light? If winter mornings make you blue, why not benefit from a SAD light.

Eat to fuel your workout!

Processed high-sugar foods can make your body feel tired and unmotivated. So start your
morning with food to fuel your body and your soul. Everyone is different in their morning needs.
Check out this article for 20 Energizing Winter Breakfast Ideas.

Workout clothes

The number one question surrounding Pilates is, “What do I Wear to Pilates?” Especially when
the weather starts to change. Our advice is, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad
clothing! Get prepared with proper clothing, so your not shocked when it gets cold! Find a look
that makes you feel good and ready to master your workout. Pick out your clothes, and lay them
out in advance. Make sure you have layers! You want to stay warm and cozy getting to and from
your workout, but when you work up a sweat, you want to be able to take some off!
Here are some winter layers we love!

Cozy Varley Cresta Rib Beanie

Cotton-Blend Jersey Nike Sweatshirt

Adanola Ultimate Leggings

Adanola Quilted Nylon Tote Bag

Set goals

Set a goal for the week, and make sure they are achievable goals that you will not bail. Schedule
your workout as an appointment you do not want to miss. Put reminders in your diary, or set
them on your phone. When you achieve a goal, check it off. Keep track of your progress and set
challenges for yourself. I like to use an app like Strava https://www.strava.com/mobile
where I can record all of my workouts, including Pilates classes, and share them with my
community of friends. This app keeps me on track, and lets me give Kudos to my friends when
they achieve a goal or finish a workout. A community that is online or even offline, is always a
great motivator.

Mix up your workout

Of course, we want Pilates to be your favorite workout, but it doesn’t have to be your only one!
Go for a walk, run, or bike ride. Share a workout with a friend. Maybe try a Semi-Private with
your best friend or spouse, or take that Jumpboard class you were eyeing. Power Pilates UK has
a variety of levels and classes. You can see them all on our schedule here !

Always attend the same instructor’s class? Try a new instructor. Every instructor has a different
approach on our Dynamic Pilates style at PPUK. Leave your comfort zone, and you may
discover something new and fun!

Stay Positive and Rest

Keep a positive attitude, and remember rest is part of the journey. Try not to burn yourself out
too much. Remember it’s a journey and it’s all about balance. Enjoy!

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