Meet Our Trainer! Matteo

Whether you’re new to our studio. or have been around a long time. We thought it would be fun for you to meet our trainers and find out a little more about them!


A native Italian, Matteo was born and raised in the city of Rome. He grew up with a huge passion for dance, movement and creative expression. He trained in classical ballet & contemporary dance at the Royal Academy of Dance in Rome.

He is a qualified fitness instructor, Pilates & Yoga teacher and leading successful classes in famous gyms & boutique studios across London.

He has been practicing Pilates & Yoga for the last 10 years and took countless classes in different styles to build his knowledge and practical skills on the subject.

Favourite Exercise:

Short spine massage because it is such a great exercise for me to completely ease my lower back.

What Makes Him Human:

Burlesque. Going out and reading a nice book.

Matteo’s Top Tips:

  • Keep your focus on your body as you move.
  • Be aware of your breath as you move.
  • Let your mind settle on the present moment.

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