Nat’s Top Tips!

Summer is fast approaching which makes it the perfect time to set some new goals. Whether you’re looking for ways to supercharge the progress you’ve made so far or you’re looking to settle into a better routine, I’m going to share with you some super simple ways to help you feel the best version of you.

1. Consistency

Being consistent with your workouts is the key to building up your strength. If you are waiting around for motivation to just appear, you might be waiting for a long time! This is where discipline comes into play. Think about WHY you want to do this for yourself and that is the drive. Planning ahead and setting yourself certain days/times that suit you to get your classes booked and done is a great way to keep consistently showing up for yourself. When you’re feeling unmotivated, remind yourself of your ‘why?’ and just get it done. No one ever finishes a class regretting they came!

2. Challenge yourself

As trainers, we will always push you and keep the classes at a difficult level. If we offer harder options on springs or more challenging movements, don’t be afraid to give it a go! The worst that can happen is it feels too hard. In that case, set yourself the goal to work towards it. The best? You realise you’re stronger than you think! A lot of the time, it’s mind over matter. Give yourselves a little push. Growth doesn’t happen in your comfort zone!

3. Switch off

The one hour you spend in your class is just for you. It is your chance to switch off from the rest of the day, leave any worries, stresses, or distractions out the door and just focus on you. From the second you lay your head on the head rest and put your feet in that circle, this is your time. Life is busy and finding downtime can be hard. But you deserve to invest time in yourself! Let yourself switch off, think about how your body feels and concentrate purely on your class.

4. The fundamentals

This might sound like an obvious one but to me, this is the most important. By ‘fundamentals’ I mean the basics. Sleep, water, fuel, sunlight. We’re basically just like plants! Check in with these things. Are you drinking enough? Do you constantly feel tired? How are you sleeping? Have you been outside today? Again, this might all sound very obvious but it’s easy to fall out of these simple tasks sometimes. If you find yourself lacking in any of these, make it a non-negotiable to focus on ways to improve it. Small, simple, achievable goals will enforce healthy habits and help you feel elevated and energised.

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