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I get asked so often which supplements I take, so this blog is for everyone interested in learning more about supplementing their diets with good quality products for optimal health and vitality. Bear in mind that these are what I take as a forty-five-year-old woman, to help manage transitional symptoms at this stage of life. There may be supplements here that may not suit you, or others that you may require that I do not take. We are all individuals and need different things after all, so this needs to be taken into consideration, as well as the fact that I am not a qualified nutritionist, this is purely through my own bio-hacking journey! For further information, I would recommend asking at a good health food store or consulting a nutritionist and also doing your bio-hacking by putting supplements to the test to see what your body responds well to. 

In short, post forty we need to take into consideration our ever-changing hormones, decline in immunity, rise in inflammation, look after our gut health, lower cortisol, and aid sleep. Many of these overlap as do the supplements I am going to recommend. It’s also worth noting that supplements often take time to build up in the system and you may not notice a difference for three months or so. Yes, taking supplements may be costly and it depends on your budget. But I would advise taking less, and taking better quality supplements over cheaper synthetic ones. The links I have provided are all excellent quality. I will provide a few links to useful blogs that cover certain supplements in depth. 

Morning Supplements 


I take a shot of Symprove when I wake on an empty stomach. This probiotic is in liquid form as opposed to capsules, so it reaches the gut quicker. Some may argue that you can get probiotics from fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, sourdough, etc which is true. And although I do include these in my diet, it’s not every day. Our whole healthy system derives from the gut, so it’s imperative to keep it healthy, even more so in pre & post-menopause when our immune systems start to waver and inflammation and bloating become more prominent. We need to increase healthy bacteria in the gut which in turn will help improve immunity and inflammation which if chronic, can lead to diseases such as heart attacks and some cancers. 

Calms L Theanine

I take this before I drink my coffee to calm the nervous system and aid the coffee jitters that I often get. L- Theanine is an amino acid that helps to lower blood sugar spikes as well as reduce cortisol, stress, and anxiety. It also improves brain health and promotes the production of dopamine and serotonin. I also take this again in the evening to promote calmness, and get ready for bed. 


To rehydrate on waking, during hot weather, and exercise. Electrolytes consist of Magnesium, potassium, sodium, and calcium. These can be used during exercise or very hot weather. They can be quite pricey and it is possible to overdose, so be mindful not to drink these all day long. You could also add a little good quality salt like Celtic organic salt with lemon to your water as a cheaper alternative.

I use Healf Recharge Electrolyte Mix. You can use my Discount Code Korin10 for your next order!


To give more power, strength, and endurance during workouts. Creatine is one of the most underused supplements in women who train. It also supports brain and gut health. Check out this blog by Stacey Sims about why Creatine is a must for all active women. Healf also has a great creatine supplement. Use my Discount Code Korin10 for 10% off your order!

Hormones and Mood 

I can honestly say that these three supplements have made a huge noticeable difference in overall mood and the way I feel. I went through a brief period of feeling very unbalanced hormone wise, which left me feeling rather low and a bit at a loss. Since taking these supplements, that has completely reversed and I feel like myself again. 

Omega 3 

A natural antidepressant – brain health, and brain fog, as well as promote healthy skin, hair, and nails. It is important to find a good quality omega 3, as they are not all the same. I like Bare Biology for its high quality. Use Discount Code Korin10 at checkout!

B12 to Balance Hormones Use Discount Code Korin10 at Checkout!

B6 to Balance Hormones  – Use Discount Code Korin10 at Checkout!


I cannot tell you how many times I used to lose my voice and get ‘run down’ and ill. It got to the point where I needed to do something about it and with a little research I started taking these three supplements. I believe a high dose of Vitamin C that is ‘time releasing’ (important as our bodies can’t absorb it all in one go) zinc and the amazing Turmeric shots sorted me out! I’ve been taking this magic concoction for around two years now and have not once lost my voice since. Which is pretty incredible saying I used to lose my voice serval times a year. I also tend not to pick up bugs that are going around or when the kids get colds. (I’ve started them on a kids immunity …..I recommend these to everyone I know. 

Vit C – Boost immunity Use Discount Code Korin10 at Checkout!

Zinc – Boosts immunity 

Turmeric & Ginger immunity and inflammation: Use Discount Code POWERPILATES10 at checkout. 

Morning Coffee MCT & COLLAGEN 

MCT Powder

This helps to reduce cravings, MCT’s are good fats from coconut oil or palm kernel oil, it can help reduce cravings, provide energy and reduce inflammation. This is a coffee creamer as well, so you don’t need to add milk.


We’ve all heard about collagen, but what is it for? We lose collagen rapidly post forty, so a good supplement can help top us up. Collagen improves skin, hair, nails, muscle tissue, and gut health. Check out this blog by Dr Stacey Sims for an depth review of collagen 

Evening to promote better sleep 

I’ve always been a light sleeper, I had my first son at the age of eighteen, so I don’t ever remember ‘lying in’. However, I have gone through periods where sleep has and still is occasionally a real issue for me. I wake up in the middle of the night and cannot get back to sleep which leaves me in a crippling state the next day. Lack of sleep is something that post forty women often complain about, due to hormonal changes. Thankfully there are lots of supplements that can help which means we can stay clear of sleeping tablets which create a false state of sleep, leave us feeling sluggish and drowsy the next day, and should never be taken regularly anyway. I have just started taking this concoction regularly and I do notice that I am sleeping better! I still wake early (we have to anyway for the school run, right.) But I find that on the rare occasion where I do not feel fully asleep during the night, I can keep my eyes closed in more of a relaxed state, rather than feeling wide awake and giving into the dreaded mistake of doom scrolling on my phone! 

Dirtea Cocoa – Mushroom Combination Adaptogen 

Calms – L- Theanine 

Magnesium Glycinate – Sleep

Bare Biology Vitamine D & K2 spray 

I also take this high potency Magnesium (different to the sleep magnesium) for regular natural bowl movement. To be taken before bed. 


To boost relaxation and NAD which declines as we age. NAD regulates metabolism and circadian rhythm. 

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