Korin’s Top Tips!


There’s so much to be said about being consistent. Like anything in life that you want to be good at, you need to practice and repeat the process over and over again. And that goes for your Pilates practice too! If you want to build strength, lose weight, tone muscles, those things don’t happen over night, but they do happen with consistency and hopefully this challenge will give you the motivation you need.

Say no to fad diets

I know a lot of you may be embarking on this challenge with weight loss in mind, and although what you eat plays a massive part in that, I wholeheartedly do not believe that diets work (having spent years yo-yo dieting I should know!)
Creating a healthy relationship with food, will not only serve your body better, but you will finally get the results you want with less effort and less obsession. That in itself is easier said than done I know. Try to look at food as fuel, so, choosing foods that you know will nourish your body and give you the energy and power to workout. Cut the crap rather than cutting food groups (like carbs). Try and eliminate the crap from your diet! So, if it’s processed like pastries, cakes, fizzy drinks, ready meals (although there are definitely some healthy ready meal options out there now) then it’s more than likely going to be full of salt, sugar and saturated fats. Try to cook from scratch where u can yourself, so that you know what’s going into your food. And when I say cook, I mean quick, healthy meals (who has the time to do more?!) I like to use Green Chef a home delivery recipe box and choose the meat free options, so I know I’ve got a few meat free days per week, but the meals aren’t lacking in flavor or quantity! And if you’re going to cut anything from your diet, make it SUGAR. It’s the biggest fat inducing culprit and it’s so addictive. You may need to wean yourself off it if you’re really addicted with healthy alternatives (and I don’t mean sweetener which is full of harmful chemical ingredients). But maybe small quantities of fruit (cause fruit still contains sugar) and dark chocolate…

Be Realistic

Let’s be realistic because I’m a realistic kinda gal. I’m not going to be teetotal and sweet free for months or even weeks on end. But there’s better choices that we can make on a night out or if you really fancy a drink at home. We all know wine, beers and cocktails are full of sugar and sit straight on the belly. So, go for a vodka, soda with fresh lime, which is a lot lower in calories, but still hits the spot. And if you’re a big chocolate lover like me, then go for a few squares of good quality dark chocolate like Green & Blacks or try some of the Vegan ones out there (vegan chocolate has come a long way recently and it’s still Cocao but without any dairy). Deliciously Ella has a new one with nuts and berries which I like.

Change your mindset

A healthy mind and attitude is where it all starts. I’m a big believer in creating positive outlook on the way you see and feel about yourself and what you think you’re capable of achieving. If you’re someone who makes excuses about why you’re not where you want to be, or why you can’t find the time or can’t eat healthily, or you talk to yourself or about yourself in a negative unloving way, then addressing this issue first (or during your challenge) will help you achieve a more positive mindset and in turn help you achieve your goals. I have used manifestation tools numerous times to achieve what I want and believe me it works. At the moment I’m listening to X on audiobook (whilst I get ready in the morning actually!) and I really find (amongst the chaos and busyness) it helps set me up for a more positive, productive day.


Recovery is just as important as exercise. If I’m honest sleep is something I’ve struggled with, but I’ve found a few helpful tools over the years, as resting your body and mind (especially during a challenge if our classes are new -ish to you) is equally important. I don’t need to tell you the importance of sleep! I like CBD oil RESET by Level Out; and I wear an eye mask which combined together help me relax and sleep more deeply.


Finding time to stretch (a foam roller is so good to help you do this) will serve your body and mind well, as it adapts to a more intense training program. Being flexible will increase mobility, improve performance and help to reduce injuries such as muscles tears, as well as general soreness, especially after exercise. For example; people may not associate back issues with tight hamstrings and glutes, but the lower back can really be affected by this, as it’s all a connection of the back body.