What is Dynamic Pilates, and how is it different from other techniques of Pilates?

It’s one of the most highly asked questions! What is Dynamic Pilates? So we are here to answer it and tell you why you should try a Dynamic Reformer Class at Power Pilates UK!

Let’s start with the Pilates Principles:

The Pilates Principles give an overview of what Pilates is all about. Originally there were six main principles of Pilates. However, as Pilates evolved, there have been additions to the list.

  • Breathing – lateral breathing = increased core engagement
  • Concentration- Focus on the purpose and movement
  • Control – Create controlled movements with proper alignment
  • Awareness – Become aware of the body alignment, movement, and positions
  • Precision – Controlled precise movements = efficiency, flexibility, and strength
  • Center- Core or powerhouse
  • Flow – Connecting movements with breath
  • Coordination – Challenging how the body moves
  • Stamina – Increasing fitness through challenging sequences (Dynamic Principle)

Like Traditional Reformer Pilates, Dynamic Reformer Pilates incorporates these principles in its practice. Both forms focus on the core muscles to drive movement in the rest of the body. These principles improve strength, flexibility, and posture. All of which keep the body mobile and reduce the risk of injury while building lean muscles.

Dynamic Pilates takes this a step further. This technique is based on the ‘isolate, fatigue stretch’ principle. This combination of traditional pilates moves in a more intense or dynamic method to build lean, toned muscle. It is a strong, fitness-based results-driven class that gives a satisfying low-impact workout incorporating Pilates principles.

The practice flows from one exercise to the next without following a set repertoire. Dynamic Pilates allows for creative input on the reformer, and the use of non-traditional Pilates props such as dumbbells, BOSU, and resistance bands. Each class is unique and offers a variety of modifications and variations allowing you to still work at your own pace.

As you progress through class, movements still are precise and controlled, however, more challenges and variations are introduced to create that total body workout our Power Pilates UK Clients love! We are a welcoming and safe environment with our highly certified and experienced staff to guide you through the best workout in the South London area.

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