Introducing New Classes for a Stronger You in the New Year!

As we step into a brand New Year, we’re thrilled to share some exciting news that will elevate your strength, fitness and change your body shape at Power Pilates UK! We’re committed to helping you reach your fitness goals, and therefore will be offering a more well rounded approach to your training schedule to enhance your body composition, defy the signs of ageing and make you stronger than ever before! 

In 2024 we’ll be revamping our class schedule to encompass everything you need from your weekly training sessions. While dynamic reformer Pilates remains at the forefront of our offerings, we’re thrilled to introduce new strength and HIIT classes, which we believe, along with your dynamic Reformer Pilates classes, are the magic formula to ultimate fitness, strength, longevity and dramatic body composition changes, If done regularly and combined with a healthy high protein diet. 

What’s New? 

A few months back we introduced a Strength HIIT Pilates class to the timetable, which lots of you have already embraced and seen the benefits from. We will be adding more of these classes, but separating some of them into ‘Strength Pilates’ and ‘HIIT Pilates’ classes, so that you can reap the benefits of a more intensive and focused class. If you’re unfamiliar with the structure of  Strength Pilates or HIIT Pilates class, then please check out our class descriptions here. We will also be adding more of our popular Jumpboard classes as requested by you to mix up our offerings even more! 

Why HIIT and Strength Training are important? 

Although strength and HIIT are beneficial for all, they especially play a pivotal role in combating body composition challenges for women post forty. I know only too well that changes occur around this age, and although it may feel like you’re at a loss, thankfully research has proven that with the right kind of diet and exercise we can in fact turn things around for the better. And that’s why we feel the need to provide these new additions to your training with us. 

The Benefits of Strength Training:

. Increases muscle mass

. Increases bone density 

. Decreases visceral fat – especially around the mid section 

. Reduces insulin spikes 

. Increases strength around the joints and muscles 

. Helps reduce injuries 

. Improves over all body composition

The Benefits of HIIT Training:

. Improves Cardiovascular Strength

. Improves muscle strength 

. Decreases visceral fat – especially around the mid section

. Helps reduce inflammation connected to ‘menopausal bloating’ 

. Improves over all body composition

. Helps to reduce cortisol (unlike cardio which can have the opposite effect and result in abdominal weight gain.) 

Check out the full benefits of strength and HIIT Training Here. 

The Benefits of Dynamic Reformer Pilates: 

. Increases core strength 

. Improves stability, balance & coordination 

. Improves flexibility 

. Increases muscle tone 

. Decreases stress and cortisol levels 

. Decreases risk of injury 

. Improves over all body composition 

. Low impact 

Check out the full benefits of Dynamic Reformer Pilates here.

We are truly excited about this enhanced approach to your training, and we can’t wait for you to experience the benefits of all three training styles firsthand. Our team is dedicated to providing guidance, support, and a welcoming atmosphere throughout your fitness journey.

Stay tuned for the updated schedule and get ready to elevate your Pilates routine to new heights in the coming year!

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