Morning Supplements to Start Your Day

Morning rituals become even more crucial as we navigate the challenges of life beyond forty. Shifting hormones, weakened immunity, increased inflammation, gut health, cortisol management, and quality sleep take centre stage. The supplements address these concerns and more, recognizing that our bodies are unique, and responses may vary. Keep in mind that individual needs vary, and I am not a qualified nutritionist. My recommendations are based on personal bio-hacking experiences. For more tailored advice, consider consulting a nutritionist or exploring supplements at a reputable health food store.

Morning Supplement Suggestions

  • Take a shot on an empty stomach for a quick gut boost. Liquid form means it hits the gut faster. Fermented foods are great, but Symprove keeps that gut game strong, crucial during the pre & post-menopause immune system shuffle.
  • Calms L Theanine for Coffee Harmony

  • Pre-coffee, pop some Calms L Theanine to dial down the nervous system and tackle those coffee jitters. This amino acid is a game-changer for lowering blood sugar spikes, reducing cortisol, stress, and anxiety. Also, a star for brain health.

  • Rehydrate upon waking, especially during hot weather or after a workout. Electrolytes like Magnesium, potassium, sodium, and calcium are key players. Be cautious not to overdo it; alternatively, add a pinch of quality salt to your water.

Recommended: Healf Recharge Electrolyte Mix (Use Discount Code Korin10 for savings)

  • Creatine for Workout Power

  • Boost power, strength, and endurance during workouts with creatine. It’s an underdog for active women, not just for physical performance but also for brain and gut health.
  • Recommended: Healf Creatine Supplement (Use Discount Code Korin10 for 10% off)

  • Hormones and Mood Boosters

  • These three supplements made a world of difference in mood and balance for me.
    • Omega 3: A natural antidepressant, crucial for brain health, and promoting healthy skin, hair, and nails. Quality matters – try Bare Biology and use Discount Code Korin10 at checkout.
    • B12 and B6: Essential for hormonal balance. Use Discount Code Korin10 at checkout.

  • Immunity Warriors

Turmeric & Ginger – Immunity and inflammation (Use Discount Code POWERPILATES10 at checkout)

Morning Coffee Upgrades

  • Reduce cravings and get an energy boost with MCT Powder. It’s a coffee creamer, so no need for milk.

  • Collagen takes the spotlight post-forty. Improve skin, hair, nails, muscle tissue, and gut health with this magic supplement.

Recommended: Dr. Stacey Sims’ blog for an in-depth review of Collagen.

There you have it – a morning routine stacked with supplements for a healthier and more vibrant start to your day! 

My full blog of supplement recommendations here!

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