Reformer Pilates for Beginners: A Listicle Guide


Reformer Pilates is a popular form of exercise that utilises a specialised apparatus called the Pilates reformer. It offers a unique and dynamic way to strengthen your core, improve flexibility, and enhance overall body control. If you’re new to Reformer Pilates and eager to get started, this listicle guide will provide you with essential tips and exercises to kickstart your journey.

Find a Qualified Reformer Pilates Instructor:

To ensure a safe and effective practice, it’s crucial to find a qualified Reformer Pilates instructor. Look for instructors who are certified and experienced in teaching Reformer Pilates to beginners. They will guide you through the correct techniques, equipment setup, and appropriate modifications for your fitness level. Here at Power Pilates UK all of our instructors are certified and experienced to guide you through a safe and effective beginner workout. 

Wear Comfortable Workout Attire:

Choose comfortable, fitted clothing that allows you to move freely during your Reformer Pilates sessions. Avoid loose clothing that may get caught in the equipment and hinder your movements. Also, make sure to bring non-slip socks or grippy socks to provide traction and stability. We love Moveactive Socks, (use discount code KORINNXMOVE15 ) you can also purchase them at the studio just ask the instructor before your class. 

Familiarise Yourself with the Reformer:

Take time to understand the different parts and components of the Reformer. Your instructor will guide you, but it’s helpful to know the foot bar, shoulder blocks, carriage, springs, and straps. This knowledge will make it easier to follow instructions and execute exercises correctly. You can check out our blog Pilates Apparatus Explained for more information.

Begin with the Basic Reformer Exercises:

Your Reformer Pilates class will start with foundational exercises that focus on core engagement, alignment, and controlled movements. Some beginner-friendly exercises include Footwork, Leg Circles, Pelvic Curl, and Chest Expansion. At Power Pilates UK we include simple dynamic exercises, including squats and lunges that will get you moving in your workout. These exercises will help you build strength, improve posture, and enhance body awareness. You can learn more about Dynamic Pilates here!

Master Proper Alignment:

Maintaining proper alignment is crucial to prevent injuries and optimise your workout. Pay attention to your posture, keep your shoulders relaxed, and engage your core throughout each exercise. Listen to your instructor’s cues and make adjustments as needed.

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Understand the Resistance:

The Reformer’s springs provide resistance that challenges your muscles and adds intensity to your workouts. Different spring settings offer varying levels of resistance. Your instructor will guide you through spring changes and any modifications needed depending on the focus of the class and the exercise. 

Focus on Controlled Movements:

Reformer Pilates emphasises controlled movements with precise form. Avoid rushing through exercises and focus on the quality of your movements. Including smooth transitions, proper breathing, and engaging the targeted muscles.

Incorporate Variations and Props:

At Power Pilates UK, we love to explore variations and incorporate props to add variety and challenge. Your instructor may introduce accessories like the Magic Circle, weights, ball or resistance bands to diversify your workouts and target specific muscle groups.

Practice Mindfulness and Breathwork:

Similar to mat Pilates, Reformer Pilates places importance on the mind-body connection. Stay present and mindful during your sessions, focusing on the sensations within your body. Coordinate your breath with the movements, inhaling deeply through the nose and exhaling fully through the mouth.

Gradually Progress:

As you gain strength, flexibility, and confidence, your instructor will gradually progress to more advanced progressions and combinations. Once you have gained confidence as a beginner you can move onto our All Levels class. As you progress we offer a variety of classes including HIIT Pilates, Jumpboard and our Intermediate and Advanced classes.

Reformer Pilates offers a unique and effective way to improve strength, flexibility, and overall body control. By following this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to start your Reformer Pilates journey. You can sign up and book classes at

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